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How much is an eta for Canada?

We charge 79 EUR for our comprehensive review and submission services. When you submit an application on our website, you will pay a fee of 79 EUR, and we will process your application instantly.

How long is an eTA valid?

An electronic travel authorization for Canada is valid for up to 5 years or until your passport expires.

How to apply for eta Canada

You can read more about applying for a eTA Canada on this link.

Who needs an eTA for Canada

Any citizen of a country which have visa free travel to Canada is required to apply for an eTA (electronic travel authorization) before boarding their plane to Canada. If you donĀ“t have a valid and approved eTA, then you won’t be allowed on the plane. If you are from an eligible country, then you must apply for a Canada ETA before you can fly to Canada. If your country is not on the list, then you must apply for a regular visa trough an embassy or consulate.

What is an eta visa Canada?

ETA stands for ‘Electronic Travel Authorization’. This is not a regular visa. This is simply a ‘pre-authorization’ to fly to Canada. The ETA is only available for citizens of these countries which already have visa-free travel to Canada.

This means that in theory they can still deny you entry at the border of Canada.

I will enter Canada from the US by car, do I need an ETA?

No. A Canada Electronic Travel Authorization is only required if you enter Canada by air.

How long can i stay in Canada with an eTA

You can stay up to 90 days at a time on a Canada ETA.

When did Canada introduce eTA?

Canada introduced eTA in August 2015.

How long does it take for an eTA to be approved?

Most applications are instantly approved. Some applications can take up to 72 hours to be approved. And in rare cases immigration will request further documents. Therefore we also recommend that you apply for your eTA in a timely manner.

How to check if I already have an eTA for Canada?

An eTA is valid for up to 5 years or until your passport expires. So if you have visited Canada within the last 5 years, then you already have an eTA. If you have lost your old eTA, then we recommend that you apply for a new eTA.

How long does an eTA for Canada last?

An eTA for Canada last for up to 5 years or until your passport expires.

How do I fill out my Canada ETA application form

We have made a guide on how you fill out your the application form here.

Do I need an ESTA for Canada?

We have written an article about this question here.

How does COVID-19 affect my trip to Canada and does my ETA Canada work?

We have written an article about COVID 19 and how it affect your trip to Canada here.